Panasonic’s High Definition equipment to be used as video shooting and recording system for Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games

All international video delivered from the International Broadcast Center (IBC) — which will reside within the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Center in February 2010 — to the rights-holding broadcasters around the world, will be produced and distributed in 1080i High-Definition (HD) format. Following the HD standard of excellence set by Beijing 2008, Vancouver 2010 will be the first Winter Olympic Games captured with HD (1080i) equipment.

Panasonic’s digital technologies, which have been used as the official recording format in nine Olympiads, starting with the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games, will capture High-Definition video with superb sound quality for distribution by broadcasters to TV viewers worldwide during the Vancouver Winter Games as well.

Panasonic’s advanced HD imaging technologies will make it possible for TV broadcast viewers around the world to share the excitement of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games through the company’s latest flat panel VIERA HDTVs and Home Theater Systems. HD video can also be recorded with Panasonic’s DIGA Blu-ray Disc recorder so that the excitement of the events can be reproduced any time.