Olympus and Panasonic team up for 4/3 System

According to a press release, the agreement, that marks Panasonic’s entry into the SLR camera market, covers the following three main points:

1. The two companies agree to jointly develop technologies and devices related to SLR camera systems (including camera bodies, interchangeable lenses and system peripherals) based on the 4/3 System standard.

2. The two firms will individually develop SLR system cameras and related system products that incorporate the above mentioned technologies and devices.

3. With the aim of promoting widespread adoption of the 4/3 System standard, the two firms will encourage other firms to participate in, and develop products for, the 4/3 System standard.

The 4/3 System standard was announced at photokina 2002. The first professional-oriented camera, the Olympus E-1, and E-System lenses, flash units and other accessories were launched by Olympus in October 2003. In December 2004, Olympus added its consumer-oriented E-300 digital SLR to the product line.