ODM introduces new casing-in machine for hardcover photo books

The machine can produce 100 to 400 covers per hour, says the company. The ODM Sticker XXL machine works seamlessly with the ODM Casemaking System and Smasher XXL Series.

The ODM Sticker XXL (minimum size: 4-by-4-by1/32 inches; maximum: 18-by-18-by-4 inches) features an easy-to-use control panel, a roller glue station for rounded and backed books, a three-position blade height control and removable glue stations for fast and easy clean-up. An optional extra paste attachment for additional adhesive in the joint area is available.

Operation of the Sticker XXL involves placing the book on the wing while the machine is in the home position. After the book is loaded, the operator depresses a foot switch that drops the wing below the glue rollers. A servomotor brings the two glue stations in contact with the book while the wing travels upward, applying a uniform coating of adhesive to the end papers. As the book emerges from the glue pots the operator places the cover in position with a cover guide and removes the book from the wing.