Océ Repro Desk Studio software for end users

“Océ Repro Desk Studio software gives end-users an easy-to-use entry-level tool to speed and simplify their wide format printing,” said Océ Product Manager Lex-Jan Westra. “Now all end-users can print to their in-house print devices, or even to an external print provider, all with the same, clear user interface. Accurate job previewing for all technical document file formats shows exactly how jobs will look when printed, avoiding the need for costly reprints. And the integrated accounting functions make costs transparent and allow charging to projects or customers when appropriate.”

Use of Océ Repro Desk Studio by end-users is simple and transparent. Jobs can be created from multiple documents using the free Océ Client Tools print submission software. Individual documents can then be previewed before printing with true WYSIWYP – What You See Is What You Print – that shows exactly how they will print on the selected printer, allowing accurate checking of document contents and print settings.

Utilizing technology from Sepialine, the accounting features of the Océ Repro Desk Studio software allow all print, scan and copy jobs on wide format devices to be tracked automatically. As well as optimizing internal cost control, these functions ensure that printing costs can be charged to projects or customers instead of disappearing into overheads.