Océ Pension Fund recovery plan approved

As part of the recovery plan and for a four-year period as of mid-2010, Océ N.V. will make a further annual contribution to the Pension Fund expected to amount to approximately EUR 7.5 million. The additional contributions have no impact whatsoever on the profit and loss account of Océ N.V. Should the financial position of the Océ Pension Fund deviate positively or negatively from the forecast as projected in the recovery plan, Océ will amend its further contributions accordingly.

On 30 June 2009, the fund ratio amounted to 83.9 percent. As announced earlier, the Océ Pension Fund had raised the pension premiums from 9 to 10% of the pensionable salary (for employees) and from 18 to 20% (for the company) effective 1 January 2009. This increase will remain in effect until the fund ratio has been restored to 105%.

The Océ Pension Fund applies the pension scheme to (former) employees in the Dutch subsidiaries Océ-Technologies B.V. and Océ-Nederland B.V.