Océ announced Arizona 300 GT flatbed printer

Like the award-winning Océ Arizona 350 GT printer, the Océ Arizona 300 GT printer uses Océ VariaDot imaging technology and four-color (CMYK) UV curable inks. The system can produce near-photographic image quality at a true production print speed (sellable prints) of 12.3 square meters (133 square feet) per hour. The availability of this new, more affordable Océ Arizona model enables smaller companies to adopt proven Océ printing technology.

“The Océ Arizona 300 GT is a new entry level model in the Océ Arizona Series of printers. It includes the same stunning image quality and media flexibility as other Océ Arizona models, and offers investment protection with an upgrade path to accommodate our customers’ business needs as they grow,” said Gido van Praag, President and CEO of Océ Display Graphics Systems.

As production volumes grow, customers can field-upgrade their Océ Arizona 300 GT printer to an Océ Arizona 350 GT model and realize production print speeds of up to 22.2 square meters (239 square feet) per hour. Upgrading to the Océ Arizona 350 GT model also gives customers the ability to add the White Ink Option for under-printing on non-white media or objects, over-printing for backlit applications on transparent media and/or printing white as a spot color.

With its accommodating upgrade path, the new Océ Arizona 300 GT printer demonstrates Océ’s commitment to protecting the capital investment its customers make in display graphics products.