New mounting tissue

As its name implies, Allbond is an all-purpose tissue of 10 microns which is designed to cater for virtually all dry mounting applications, including mounting in sections and simultaneous mounting and heat-sealing. Traditionally-made, it is inherently ’breathable‘ to ensure the fast escape of air – minimising the risk of air bubbles – and provides a permanent bond to most paper-based substrates, MDF, foamcore and hardboard.

Allbond is supplied in 45.7m and 152m rolls in three widths – 622mm, 1030mm and 1232mm – and in a range of 12 sheet sizes from 5in x 7in to A3. OPC Direct catalogue prices start at £35.10 for a 622mm x 45.7m roll, rising to £207 for a 1232mm x 152mm roll, whilst sheet prices range from £4.65 to £24.60.