New from Oblò Multimedia: the feature-packed MOVO digital imaging kiosk system for retailers.

Oblò Multimedia (, the leading developer of advanced multimedia kiosk systems for retailers, is introducing at Photokina 2006 the MOVO family of multimedia digital photo kiosks. MOVO exemplifies the latest evolution in Oblo’s award-winning line of multimedia digital photo kiosks, reaffirming its pioneering position in innovating the retail segment of digital photography.

The MOVO models offer brand new features, both hardware and software, specifically designed to improve the consumer experience while helping retailers expand their offering in the digital printing and multimedia market.

The new hardware features include:

– A distinctive design to elevate the retailer’s image and distinguish it from countless other anonymous kiosk models present in the photo market.

– Swivel base to simplify assistance by shop personnel from behind the counter.

– Compact in size but with a wider viewing angle thanks to a 17" capacitive touch screen and flashing LEDs for greater consumer comfort.

– Powerful and reliable components for fast processing while ensuring stability and long life of the kiosk.

– Flexible architecture for all different configurations including counter top, floor standing with table support, self containing cabinet for thermal printers and disc publisher and a multiple kiosks network.

The new software features include:

– New very fast image upload system from memory cards, DVD, CD, USB flash memory and iPodTM, allowing easy navigation through sub-folders or multiple pictures showing on the screen with a page scroll-down approach.

– The new order workflow manager software controls all order inputs, printing and production peripherals perfectly, helping the retailer to simply and quickly manage printing queues, disc production, re-orders, etc.

– The enhanced settings and personalisation software allows the retailer to create their digital service offers from a complete menu of different selections to include print sizes, pricing, service descriptions, output options, etc.

– Video-instructions help operators to easily perform routine maintenance; and statistics are available to track results and consumer behaviour.

– The unique Easy Pay chip-card based system from Oblò offers retailers the advantage of a smart rechargeable pre-paid concept so valuable for improving customer loyalty, suitable for single store and multiple store chain usage.

MOVO – built on the success of ZERO, the first ever multimedia photo kiosk

MOVO has been created by Oblò as an evolution of ZERO, the 2003 DIMA Award winner as Innovative Digital Product of the Year. MOVO’s design incorporates all the experience gathered by Oblò over years of successful operation worldwide and all the comments and inputs from a fast-growing base of single store and large chain Oblò customers.

Like the ZERO, the new MOVO is capable of offering, among other products, prints in all formats and sizes, CD archiving and the unique Youontv DVD service for viewing images and videoclips with music, at home on TV. It is a multimedia photo kiosk with a professional and high quality licensed music library, all tracks are classified to help consumers during the music selection.

MOVO offers retailers add-on high volume, high margins digital services: CLIP-TO-PRINT and PHOTO BOOKS with DVD

MOVO is a powerful self-service station configured to offer retailers an extensive range of innovative and high quality multimedia services to their customers.

In particular, two brand new applications are incorporated into MOVO:


Automated creation of beautiful photo books, with an extensive array of different lay-outs and themes (e.g. classic, babies, holidays, etc.).

Photo books can be created rapidly at retail with MOVO, thanks to the really easy-to-use software interface of the kiosk and a complete set of dedicated tools and consumables from Oblò. In addition, book orders can be sent via Internet to a remote fulfilment centre. As a unique feature the photo book can also include a DVD combining the images with videoclips, becoming a perfect gift for a memorable event.


One-step downloading of videoclips from digital cameras and camera phones onto CDs and DVDs. The unique "Clip-to-Print" feature allows your best movies to be converted into real prints with the easy process of uploading the videoclip at the kiosk, selecting and then enhancing the best frames.

– New FACE MATIC Technology

All photo books, prints and multimedia services will benefit from the newly introduced Oblò face detection technology. This software, designed to automatically detect faces in photos, allows the quick and easy positioning of images within the templates of books or calendars, or to focus the DVD effects on a customer’s face.

Other distinguished digital services available from MOVO are:

Digital Prints and New Biometric Passport Pictures

High quality digital prints in any size produced via a digital minilab, thermal printer or any other printer device in both local or remote mode. MOVO also offers the biometric passport picture system, compliant with the latest regulations.

MOVO features the exclusive Perfectly ClearTM technology designed to deliver true color prints even from difficult images. This unique technology automatically and instantly optimises contrast, colour and density and removes red-eye.

Calendars and New Specialty Prints

Beautiful and easy to make single and multi-page photo-calendars, and special prints, with a range of exclusive designs from a comprehensive library of different and varied themes.

YouonCD Music and New YouonDVD Music

Archival service for recording images and videoclips onto CDs or high capacity DVDs, for PC viewing. The service comprises a software viewer for an automatic PC slide-show of the images and videoclips, with a selection of different music tracks.

YouonTV (Oblò Multimedia patent)

On the MOVO end-users can easily create a real DVD slide-show movie with their images and videoclips from digital cameras or camera phones, with special image transitions and automatically synchronised music, to be enjoyed at home on TV. The transition effects are made more powerful and absolutely easy to do thanks to the new FaceMatic face detection technology which allows to automatically focus the effects on a customer’s face. The disc also contains the archive of the original images and clips for future printing.

MOVO input and output options

MOVO can receive images from any source, including all commercially available digital camera memory cards and other digital inputs such as DVD, CD, USB flash memories, camera phones, iPodTM, digital minilabs and images via network, or from the Internet. MOVO is the first kiosk to accept videoclips from digital cameras and camera phones.

MOVO can be connected to all digital minilabs, thermal and ink-jet printers for sending printing orders in both local and remote mode and can receive digitised images that can then be transferred onto DVD and CD.

MOVO POP material and consumables

A full range of accessories and consumables are available for the MOVO, these includes: ink-jet printable DVDs and CDs, customizable disc packaging, photo books original design covers and calendars supports etc.

The system includes a promotional point of sale package to support the retailer and communicate efficiently all the digital services offered. The promotional kit with its stylish point of sale is the perfect addition to increase activity on the kiosk and enhance the image of the store.

MOVO is already available to the market. During Photokina MOVO will be demonstrated at the Oblò booth (Hall 10.2, Stand B20 / C21).

About Oblò Multimedia

Oblò Multimedia srl, based in Spilimbergo, Italy, is an innovative imaging company that specializes in multimedia digital photo kiosks, designed for retailers. Oblò’s mission is to provide leading edge products and software to the Info-Imaging market, supported by ongoing research and development of concepts that combine technology, creativity, and ergonomic design.