New at Photokina: CULLMANN Magnesit tripod heads

CULLMANN tripod heads guarantee extremely high stability, velvet-soft movements and working without jerking or vibrations. The new line consists of four ball heads, two fluid 3-way heads, fast coupling systems and fast exchange plates for professional use.

CULLMANN Magnesit ball heads

Ball heads are the ideal tool for fast application and macro-photography. Our new CULLMANN Magnesit ball heads operate with innovative friction-free dampening, which ensures unusually soft and even movements. The ball heads are equipped with various setting options. Their ergonomically shaped, rubberized tension locking wheels can be adjusted perfectly; they optimize operability. Ball friction allows adjustment, so that the ball resistance is set optimally for the respective camera weight. A scale simplifies adjusting when equipment is exchanged frequently. The ball locking of the vertical ± 90° incline guarantees absolute stability and secures the camera accurately to the millimeter in the set position. Likewise, horizontal panning movements of 360° can be arrested to the exact degree. The ball heads are equipped with a high-quality, rubberized exchange plate for cameras with a connecting thread of ?” or 3/8”. They can be retrofitted with a fast coupling system. The high-end version has an adjustable fast coupling system including a sliding platform, two integrated spirit levels and a fast exchange plate for ?” or 3/8” camera screws, as well as a video pin for stabilized working with camcorders.

CULLMANN Magnesit fluid 3-way heads

Our new CULLMANN Magnesit fluid 3-way heads are precision tools for many application areas. They are highly suitable for animal photography, for portrait formats and motives with exact positioning. Our Magnesit fluid 3-way heads excel due to their high stability and perfect camera control which is achieved by its low construction height. The 3-way heads are easy to move; they have ergonomically shaped rubber grubs on the swivel levers and can be precisely positioned in three directions. Our high-end version is equipped with a fast coupling system with innovative spring coupling for instant camera removal. A safety lock prevents that the camera plate is released unintentionally. Three integrated spirit levels ensure exact adjustment of the camera position.

CULLMANN Magnesit accessories

Fast couplings simplify handling a tripod when fitting and removing cameras or when using various cameras and appliances. Our CULLMANN Magnesit series includes various sizes of fast coupling systems and fast exchange plates for analogue as well as digital cameras and camcorders.