Mothers in Western Europe value convenience when ordering photo merchandise

It is undeniable that mothers represent a highly lucrative market segment in all aspects of digital photography. InfoTrends’ research shows that this demographic takes, prints, and shares more photos than the general population. To access this consumer segment, however, professionals in the photo merchandise space must understand their motivations and behaviours as they differ significantly from that of the general population. 

A recent InfoTrends survey revealed that mothers are more likely than total photo merchandise buyers to purchase their photo merchandise items from online sources. This is true in regard to retailer’s Web sites as well as online photo sharing/printing services. While only 49 percent of total photo merchandise buyers reported purchasing photo cards online via a retailer’s Web site in the past 12 months, over 62 percent of mothers stated they had done so. In addition, our survey results indicate that mothers are significantly more likely than others to use self-serve kiosks at retail locations.

David Haueter, an Associate Director at InfoTrends commented, “Our research suggests that many busy mothers are highly motivated by convenience, so photo merchandise vendors should strive to offer their products via the Internet as well as retail locations that mothers will visit regularly.”