Micron Technology to acquire Lexar Media

In the last fiscal year, Micron achieved total sales of US-$ 4.88 billion with net earnings of US-$ 188 million. Lexar Media recorded a loss of US-$ 36.2 on sales of US-$ 852.7 million (plus 25 percent) last year. According to a press release, Lexar expects significant cost synergies from the acquisition, while Micron will be able to add Lexar’s successful line of flash memory cards, USB drives etc. to its range of DRAMs, CMOS image sensors and other semi-conductor components and storage modules. Lexar holds 94 issued or allowed controller and system patents, and licenses its technology to companies such as Olympus, Samsung, SandDisk and Sony. The company sells its memory cards not only under its own brand, but through an exclusive agreement also under the Kodak brand.