MICRODIA unveils brand new concept packaging details for 16.0GB 160XTRAPRO CF Flash Memory Cards

Packaging details as follows:

XTRAPRO – Professional Series

· Black and Gold MICRODIA wave along left side of the box

· Gold and Red Wordings

· Main Body Flame Design

· Place a lot of emphasis on the photographic professionalism

MICRODIA is expanding its offering of NAND Flash-based performance series, XTRAPRO, of flash memory cards with a High Capacity 16.0GB 160XTRAPRO CF Memory Card capable of achieving a maximum read/write speeds of 24 megabytes (MB)/second.

" We have established MICRODIA as a dominant supplier and manufacturer of professional grade Flash Memory Cards. In order to match the shifting market, MICRODIA will keep our World Wide leading position with innovative ideas from Chip Technology to Packaging Design. MICRODIA has yet again launched the world’s highest speed and largest capacity Flash Memory Cards: 16.0GB CF and 8.0GB SD; with 160X read and write speed which having transfer speed up-to 24MB/sec. Enhancements of our packaging will help drive sales for our Flash Memory Cards and enable retailers to market in various ways with these attractive packaging." said Mr. Louis Leung, Senior Vice President of MICRODIA. "Our new packaging places a lot of emphasis from the photographic point of view, which matches our corporate ideology of professional grade Flash Memory Cards. Especially the XTRAPRO series, which we accented the photographic professionalism by placing great research efforts. I would like to thank my design team and look forward to exhibit the new packaging in Photokina 2006 to all our current and potential partners in late September."

Developed by MICRODIA, the new 16.0GB 160XTRAPRO CF Cards targeted for demanding applications in digital video, digital audio, cellular phones, PDAs, notebook computers, car navigation systems, electronic books, MP4 players and other high-end portable electronics products.

MICRODIA’s high speed XTRAPRO CF Memory Cards are based on Single Level Cell (SLC) NAND Flash technology, which stores one bit per cell, and utilize an optimized controller combined with large block NAND technology to achieve high data transfer rates. Compared to Multi Level Cell (MLC) NAND Flash technology, which allows each memory cell to store two bits of information, SLC NAND Flash technology provides excellent performance well-suited for professional use especially those with demanding speed requirements.

The new 16.0GB 160XTRAPRO CF Memory Cards employ MICRODIA’s advanced security technology to provide key enhancements over traditional flash cards such as cryptographic security, improved protection of copyrighted data, low power consumption, high data transfer rate for fast copy/download, and high storage capacity.

The new 16.0GB 160XTRAPRO CF Memory Cards, along with MICRODIA’s line of 82XTRAPlus CF Memory Cards, complement MICRODIA’s comprehensive line of solid state storage cards which also include SD and MMC form factors.

MICRODIA’s professional XTRAPRO series of products include a wide variety of flash memory cards and capacities, including CompactFlash, SD and MMC form factors, all with maximum read/write speeds of 24MB/sec (maximum 30MB/sec for MMC plus at 26MHz), and capacities from 32MB to 8.0GB (16.0GB for CompactFlash). MICRODIA’s professional XTRAPlus series are labeled with a gold curve to help users distinguish them from the company’s XTRAPlus series which are labeled with a silver curve, and with maximum read/write speeds of 12.3MB/sec; and XTRA series which and labeled with a white curve, and with maximum read/write speeds of 7.8MB/sec.

MICRODIA offers a full range of Flash Memory Solutions that include CF, SD, SDHC, miniSD, microSD, U-SD, MMC, MMCplus, MMCmobile, RS-MMC and MMCmicro with World’s Highest Speed, Compatibility, Reliability and Capacity.