Developed by MICRODIA, the new 4.0GB 150XTRAPRO SD Cards feature a twofold increase in memory capacity over the company’s 2.0GB 150XTRAPRO SD Cards and are targeted for demanding applications in digital video, digital audio, cellular phones, high resolution digital still cameras, PDAs, notebook computers, car navigation systems, electronic books, MP4 players and other professional high-end portable electronics products.

MICRODIA’s high speed XtraPro SD Memory Cards are based on Single Level Cell (SLC) NAND Flash technology, which stores one bit per cell, and utilize an optimized controller combined with large block NAND technology to achieve high data transfer rates. Compared to Multi Level Cell (MLC) NAND Flash technology, which allows each memory cell to store two bits of information, SLC NAND Flash technology provides excellent performance well-suited for professional use especially those with demanding speed requirements.

"We’ve seen a shift in the memory card formats of professional photography segment, from Compact Flash, which still holds a major format position, to SD Memory Cards. As a result, MICRODIA is investing heavily in the continuous development of high speed, high capacity SD Memory Cards to capture such a shift in demands by offering a full professional line of XTRAPRO SD Memory Cards, with a maximum read/write speeds of 22.5MB/sec.," said Louis Leung, executive vice president of MICRODIA.

"The latest introduction of our 4.0GB 150XTRAPRO SD Memory Cards fit in perfectly in to this growing gap of the market where professional photography customers are demanding higher speed and higher capacity SD Memory Cards for their popular high-end digital cameras. MICRODIA is probably the only company offering such a high speed 4.0GB SD Cards in the industry as we speak, and this is a perfect example of how MICRODIA maintains its leadership position in the digital imaging technology by looking ahead of the market and by shortening product development cycle time," he added.

The new 4.0GB 150XTRAPRO SD Memory Cards employ MICRODIA’s advanced security technology to provide key enhancements over traditional flash cards such as cryptographic security, improved protection of copyrighted data, low power consumption, high data transfer rate for fast copy/download, and high storage capacity.

The new 4.0GB 150XTRAPRO SD Memory Cards, along with MICRODIA’s line of 72XtraPlus SD Memory Cards, complement MICRODIA’s comprehensive line of solid state storage cards which also include CompactFlash and MMC form factors.

MICRODIA’s professional XTRAPRO series of products include a wide variety of flash memory cards and capacities, including CompactFlash, SD and MMC form factors, all with maximum read/write speeds of 22.5MB/sec (maximum 30MB/sec for MMC plus at 26MHz), and capacities from 32MB to 4.0GB (8.0GB for CompactFlash). MICRODIA’s professional XTRAPRO series are labeled with a black curve to help users distinguish them from the company’s XTRAPlus series which are labeled with a blue curve, and with maximum read/write speeds of 10.8MB/sec. (12.3MB/sec for 82XTRAPlus CompactFlash).