MEI celebrates 20 Years of publishing software

The company, known around the world for its flagship Page Director® Ad Layout System and throughout the Americas as the exclusive distributor of the vjoon K4 Publishing System, is proud to look back on its rich history and excited to look ahead toward a bright future.

“We’re pleased to be able to say that we’ve survived multiple economic downturns, technological collapses, fluctuations in the publishing industry, wars… ahh, the good times,” said Dennis McGuire, CEO and president. “Over the past 20 years, MEI has made it through everything that came our way.”

McGuire founded MEI in 1990 with Robert Baldwin, now senior vice president of engineering. Today, the company offers and continues to develop its own software in addition to selling and supporting K4. MEI boasts a user community of more than 2,400 publications in 53 countries.