Making things personal: The Siemens Gigaset SL780 and SL785 with new QuickSync 4.0

Customizing the home phone to suit personal wishes and needs – that can be done quickly and easily at the click of a mouse thanks to the new Gigaset software QuickSync 4.0. Users can load their own photos and ringtones quickly from a PC to the phone. In addition to BMP files, JPEG and GIF are now supported as well. If personal photos are assigned to the contacts stored in the address book, they are shown on the phone’s display when that person calls (Picture CLIP). Different colors can also be assigned to callers or caller groups to enable quick visual recognition. If someone from a defined group calls, the display’s upper area changes to the chosen color (Color CLIP). Six colors are available.

Gigaset QuickSync 4.0 can also be used to create a small slideshow in little or no time and load it on the phone, transforming the Gigaset display into an electronic picture frame. The stored photos can also be used as screensavers for the handset. If pictures are transferred via Bluetooth (Serial Profile) or USB, the new software scales all the photos to 240×320 pixels (screensaver) or 240×130 pixels (Picture CLIP) to save storage space. As a result, there is room for around 100 photos in the free memory (3 MB).