Lupo digital lighting systems from Photomart International

Offering low consumption and beautiful cool light, these flicker-free units operate at 5000° K to provide constant and consistent light for digital capture. Because of their ability to quickly reach a

wide diffusion via their special daylight and artificial-light lamps, they are also suitable for film photography, which benefits from

precision lighting control using in-built dimmer switches.

Lupo is currently celebrating the 70th anniversary of its formation. The company was originally founded for the manufacture of its renowned studio cameras made entirely of metal. The Lupo factory, which soon added professional enlargers and glazing machines to its

production line, gained in reputation around the world before extending into further market sectors when it started producing 5000° K highly professional controlled lighting boxes. This development led, during the 1990s, to the company moving to a larger plant, and taking

on the study and production of new fluorescent lights for the photography and television markets, culminating in today’s line up of

the most advanced lighting systems currently available.

The bright and flicker-free Lupo Superlight system, for example, is equipped with six special 55W fluorescent lamps suited to all studio photography (portraiture, still-life, digital photography) and can be used as the main light source.

Its 330 W consumption is equivalent to 2300W of incandescent light, and its high frequency electrical supply makes it ideal for digital work. Although fitted with four barn doors and a yoke for stand mounting, the Superlight weighs only 7 kg, and is provided complete with a padded bag for easy transportation. The Superlight’s big brother, the Maxilight, is fitted with 12 bright and flicker-free new

concept lamps especially suited to fashion photography, portraiture and full figure work. It utilizes 660W or power, equivalent to approximately 4500W of an incandescent light source.