Lexjet introduces Sunset Gloss Coating and Sunset Satin Coating for fine art and photographic print protection

“It doesn’t just smear over the top and dry like the other coatings we’ve used for our canvas reproductions. It soaks into the canvas so you can actually see the texture, which is important to us,” says Jansen Sterba of Black and White Overnight Photo Lab in Oklahoma City. “Plus, any time we coated over black or any dark color with the old coating, it would show the texture of the rollers from one pass to the next. The lines would show up in the finish, but Sunset Gloss Coating doesn’t do that at all and appears to self-level.”

The finish is tough and flexible, contains UV inhibitors for maximum protection from the elements, and is non-yellowing. Moreover, it’s ready to use out of the can and does not need to be diluted, which saves time in the print-finishing process and ensures consistency from print to print.