LEICA UNIVERSAL WIDE-ANGLE VIEWFINDER M for focal lengths from 16 to 28 mm

The LEICA UNIVERSAL WIDE-ANGLE VIEWFINDER M is a new accessory for the Leica ranging viewfinder system. The viewfinder permits an exact determination of the picture outline for Leica M Leica M lenses with focal lengths of 16, 18, 21, 24 and 28 mm and is thus the ideal companion to the new LEICA TRI-ELMAR-M 1:4/16-18-21 mm ASPH wide-angle lens.

The LEICA UNIVERSAL WIDE-ANGLE VIEWFINDER M can be used on the analog cameras LEICA M7 and LEICA MP and also on the digital LEICA M8 with focal length extension facility. It is attached to the flash shoe of the respective camera. The parallax compensation ensures that the picture outline is correct at all focussing distances. The use of an aspherical lens and a chromatically corrected lens ensures high resolution, brilliance and particularly good immunity to stray light. The LEICA UNIVERSAL WIDE-ANGLE VIEWFINDER M features a spirit level for exact alignment of the camera. An eyepiece compensation lens of -3 to +3 dioptres is also available as an optional accessory.

The LEICA UNIVERSAL WIDE-ANGLEVIEWFINDER M is available from October 2006 from Leica specialist dealers.