Leica results for first half of fiscal year

Compared with the same period last year, total sales increased 7.9 percent to Euro 71.8 million, while the profit after taxes improved to Euro 0.8 million after a loss of Euro 0.8 million during the first half of fiscal 2001/2002.

Sales of system cameras including the company’s legendary M- and R-series declined from Euro 30.6 million to Euro 28.1 million (minus 8.4 percent), while sales of compact cameras increased 140.4 percent to Euro 14.3 million, mainly due to the introduction of the Leica Digilux 1 and the new analog models Leica C2 and Leica C3. Sports optics increased 5.5 percent to Euro 16.9 million, while sales of projectors continued to decline to Euro 2.6 million (minus 22.1 percent). While the Leica Camera Group was able to increase its sales in Europe by 8 percent to Euro 37.2 million, sales in Germany declined 8.1 percent to Euro 16.3 million.

Sales in Asia and Australia (plus 8 percent) and the NAFTA region (plus 4.1 percent) developed positively as did other countries (plus 82.8 percent). According to a Leica press release, the company continues to benefit from its restructuring plan and was able to reduce its debts by 14.1 percent to Euro 27.2 million.