Leica Camera of Solms, Germany, is teaming up with the Danish company Imacon A/S and Eastman Kodak’s Image Sensor Solutions (ISS) Division to design a digital solution for the Leica single lens reflex system

According to a Leica press release, the digital camera back will feature a resolution of 10 million pixels and will allow image storage on SD cards and image transmission by means of a firewire interface. Due to the smaller format of the image sensor compared with 35mm film, the focal length of the lenses will be extended by factor of 1.37.

The new digital back, which is planned for presentation in Fall 2004, will have an expected street price tag of Euro 4,500. While the camera‘s 10 million pixel CCD sensor is being developed and produced by Kodak ISS, the software and the control of the digital back will be developed and produced by Imacon, based on the specific Leica requirements.