Laurent Abadie appointed Chairman and CEO of Panasonic Europe

After joining Panasonic France in 2004, Laurent Abadie was appointed Executive Officer on the Board of Directors of the Panasonic Corporation in Japan in 2008. He will continue to hold this position whilst undertaking his new duties at the head of the Group’s European division.

Under the guidance of Laurent Abadie, Panasonic has led the French digital camera market since the first quarter of 2007 with its Lumix range, the Company said. Panasonic has also climbed from 5th to 2nd place in the French plasma screen market under his leadership.

“I am extremely proud of this appointment and of the trust that the Group’s board members have placed in me,” says Laurent Abadie. “My admission to the Board of Directors in 2008 was already testament to the importance of the French market to Panasonic. My appointment as Director of Panasonic Europe (Panasonic’s primary region by size outside Japan) is proof of the willingness to accelerate development in Europe and to open up this position to a non-Japanese director for the first time.”

Laurent Abadie joined Panasonic France as Managing Director In 2004. The following year he was appointed President of the French division and, in 2008, he was elected Executive Officer on the board of directors of the Panasonic Corporation in Japan.