Kubota Photo Design, Inc. Announces Custom Photographic Album Layout Service

Kubota PhotoDesign, Inc. is pleased to announce a new division – Red Boot Design. In conjunction with Kubota PhotoDesign, Inc., AsukaBook USA, a division of Kubota PhotoDesign, Inc., is now able to meet the high demand among professional photographers for affordable custom magazine style album design services with the creation of this new high-end service.

Given the attention to detail that it requires, album design can be a time consuming process for busy professional photographers. Red Boot Design relieves photography studios worldwide of this task, allowing photographers to completely focus on capturing their stories through the lens of their camera and not having to worry about final album design. After the pictures have been taken, photographers can then turn to Red Boot Design for all types of artistic styles, designs and album layouts.

Red Boot Design and professional wedding photographers have the same goal in mind – to tell a story by transforming a collection of images into a priceless keepsake. "We understand the importance of carrying out the photographer’s vision of capturing all the important details. At Red Boot Design, we enable photographers to continue telling the story through our creative designs," says Carol Zielinski, lead designer of Red Boot Design.