Kodak’s Stream Printheads for Wilen Direct

Already a user of multiple Kodak Versamark Printheads, Wilen Direct will implement four monochrome Stream Printheads to enhance its ability to deliver highly targeted, cost-effective marketing materials that can deliver greater return on marketing investment (ROMI) for its customers. Adding the higher resolutions and wider range of substrate support that come with the Stream Printhead enables Wilen Direct and its affiliated companies to leverage their expertise in variable data printing for a variety of customers, including Time Warner, Charter Communications, Comcast, the New York Islanders, Tribune, ESPN, HBO, Sony, and Papa John’s.

“To be and stay a leader in our industry, it’s essential to provide a mix of personalized print and online solutions, supported by the best data and fulfillment capabilities, and to deliver all of it effectively and efficiently. Technology makes this possible,” said Kevin Wilen, Executive Vice President, Wilen Direct. “Our investment in advanced technologies such as Kodak’s new Stream Printheads enables us to stay highly competitive in the constantly changing world of personalized digital marketing.”

As a reflection of its shift in focus from simply printing to delivering personalized direct communications, Wilen Press recently changed its name to Wilen Direct. The company takes great pride in its ability to provide clients with the most targeted and relevant communications by integrating increasingly sophisticated data metrics with production. The result is improved return on investment (ROI), more accurate tracking and planning tools, and faster speed-to-market—all essential prerequisites for success.

“Kodak’s Stream Printhead opens up new business opportunities for print service providers by enabling high-speed variable data printing with offset class output,” said Kevin Joyce, Worldwide Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Digital Printing Solutions, Kodak. “Combining the power of personalization with the reliability, productivity, cost and quality of offset helps print service providers become even more valuable to their customers as marketing service providers. This boosts return on investment for the provider, as well as return on marketing investment for the customer. As one of the leaders in this field, Wilen Direct is an ideal fit for this innovative Kodak solution.”