Kodak’s PhotoQuilt showcases Millenium moments.

Using a digital image, visitors can submit pictures and stories to the PhotoQuilt representing their most significant memories, their most cherished people and their hopes for the future. The Kodak PhotoQuilt of the Millennium is a continuously growing and evolving portrait through time as people reflect on the past and prepare to move into the 21st century.

Picture stories submitted to the PhotoQuilt by November 15, 1999, will be considered for display during the historic countdown to the new Millennium around the world. The PhotoQuilt of the Millennium will be displayed on the multi-story Kodarama visual display towering above Times Square in New York, at the Millennium Dome in England and at other countdown celebrations. Online the PhotoQuilt will remain live and continue accepting picture story submissions through January 1, 2001, when it will then function as a multi-image time capsule preserving a snapshot view of the approach and transition into the new Millennium.