Kodak offers its service customers added value through new eService web portal

“Kodak Service and Support strives to be at the forefront of adding value for our service partners and their customers,” said Karen Sherrill, Worldwide Service Director, Document Imaging. “Kodak’s eService application provides users with the immediate ability to view their customers’ equipment base, make changes on the fly to that base, place service calls, and monitor call status. The centralized, on-demand web portal serves as a differentiator and a value-add capability for the users of Kodak’s service.”

With eService, users can easily administer their Kodak Service and Support activity with a direct view into an Install Base (iBase) of service records. Assisting customers with initiating, creating and viewing their service calls, eService facilitates a constant communication channel between Kodak’s customers and their service reps., offering users an easier, faster method for submitting, viewing and managing their service requests.

“Kodak Service and Support has traditionally offered our partner community the nation’s only badged, fully accountable service force united under a common workflow and escalation process,” said Pat Welch, US&C Service Sales Manager, Kodak. “With the launch of eService we have matched our best of breed onsite support with a trackable method of recording and monitoring service performance. The eService platform takes our partners’ support to a new level of detail and availability: the proof of their value can be customized to meet their most demanding end customer requirements.”

Assisting with the precision of service records between Kodak Service and Support and its customers, Kodak’s eService helps both parties maintain accurate service entitlements, product counts and customer contact information. Data accuracy is also improved with the ability for customers to submit their service change requests directly into Kodak’s eService.

“Kodak’s eService program offers ISSI streamlined access to the vital maintenance entitlement information that used to take much longer to confirm,” said Liz Fenker, Service Market Specialist, Imaging Solutions and Service, Inc. (ISSI), a Kodak Authorized Reseller. “Kodak’s eService helps us deliver on our promise of exceptional satisfaction when our clients need it most.”