Kodak hosts discussion on the future of book publishing

“Given the sea changes taking place in every facet of the book publishing market, the time was right to hear from a panel of experts about trends, issues, opportunities and predictions,” said Chris Verlander, Director of Book Segment Marketing, Kodak. “While acknowledging both excitement and anxiety about the transformation taking place, there was optimism from the panelists about the benefits and advantages that digital technologies bring to the book market in today’s cross-platform publishing world.”

“The bottom line: people will have greater access to books and related content, what, when and however they want it, which should mean more people reading more often,” said Jim Milliot, Editorial Director, Publisher’s Weekly, and moderator of the discussion. “And that certainly bodes well for the future.”

To view a video of the entire book publishing roundtable, go to: www.kodak.com/go/changepublishing.