Kodak exposes: U.S. Consumers Overspent $5.0 Billion on Inkjet Printing in 2008

Kodak first introduced its consumer inkjet line in 2007 and reinvented the consumer inkjet printer industry with a new business model. Consumers worldwide have embraced Kodak’s value proposition and the company’s installed base of inkjet printers has grown to more than one million units in the past two years, the Company said. In 2009, Kodak aims to double that number and is supporting that goal with a series of marketing investments, including the “Print and Prosper” campaign.

Kodak’s “Print and Prosper” campaign highlights today’s harsh economic climate and offers consumers a solution to help them save money. Bold campaign headlines will urge consumers to switch to Kodak and stop overpaying for printer ink. A comprehensive global campaign, created by Deutsch NY, launched March 29in the U.S. and Canada, and will be rolled out in additional countries over the next several months.

The global campaign is designed to powerfully connect with Kodak’s target consumer – people who print a lot — via television and newspaper placements, social media and websites like www.printandprosper.com. The campaign seeks to ignite the conversation around printing cost, bringing the issue of overpriced ink to the forefront.

Based on 2008 U.S. annual desktop printer ink revenue and average ink savings using Kodak ESP 3/5/7/9 All-In-One Printer for documents and photos vs. average ink costs of comparable consumer inkjet printers. Actual results may vary. Go to http://www.kodak.com/go/inkdata for details.