Kodak expands VersaMark VL-Series printers

Joining the VersaMark VL2000 and VersaMark VL2200 are:Kodak VersaMark VL6000 Printing System—a single engine system offering two modes of operation; high speed up to 492 fpm (150 mpm) with resolutions of 600 x 600 dpi, or high quality with resolutions greater than 600 x 600 dpi. The VL6000 allows for 1-up or 2-up simplex or 1-up duplex.

The Kodak VersaMark VL6200 Printing System—a dual engine system offering the same choice of speed or quality modes of operation. The VL6200 allows for 2-up duplex And, Kodak Versamark VL4000 and VL4200 Printing Systems—offer increased speeds up to 410 fpm (125 mpm) with resolutions of 600 x 360 dpi. The VL4000 allows for 1-up or 2-up simplex or 1-up duplex, while the VL4200 allows for 2-up duplex. These models are designed for unique applications such as distributed publishing of newspapers

All VersaMark VL-Series Printing Systems now feature a choice of dye based inks in addition to the existing pigment inks, an option which allows users to reduce costs and achieve an improved optical density. MICR support also has been added, building on Kodak’s legacy of providing robust MICR solutions. The new, optional MICR unit integrates with the VersaMark VL-Series Printing Systems to increase opportunities for both commercial printers and data centers to accept MICR jobs, such as checks and other documents requiring MICR.

Joining the Kodak VersaMark System Controller family will be the Kodak VersaMark 700 Print Manager, a front end and digital press controller that expands workflow choices and is designed to take full advantage of the power of KODAK Unified Workflow Solutions while driving these advanced quality digital inkjet printers. Bringing all components together under one workflow allows users to improve results and maintain consistent quality from design through processing and printing, regardless of the output technology in use.