Kodak Digital Press opens door to personalization and new revenue opportunities for Interprovincial Group

“Our goal is to be able to go to our customers with something brand new that will really differentiate us in the market, and after looking at the competition in great detail, the solutions from Kodak impressed us the most. They just seemed to have the most control over the process,” said Jason Walmsley, Co-Manager, Interprovincial Group. “Our sales reps are already using promos with Dimensional Printing and the response has been amazing.”

Kodak Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions allow users to add a wide array of unique features inline during the printing process. For example, the Kodak Nexpress Intelligent Dimensional Coating Solution and Kodak Nexpress Dimensional Clear Dry Ink combine to create 3D raised printing that enables tactile effects, so that images have a dimensional feel that mimics the surface of the items in the image. Furthermore, users can add value to the final print product with clear coating, watermarking, glossing, protection coating, and MICR.