Kodak care kits to help resellers provide cost savings and optimal uptime for users of Canon, Fujitsu and Panasonic Scanners

Kodak’s Multi-Vendor Service (MVS) Care Kits allow resellers to give their end users access to onsite calls and labor, unlimited service calls, and replacement parts. As part of a service agreement, Kodak Care Kits represent an economical, convenient package for resellers to offer users of third-party manufacturer scanners, granting them access to fast, priority repairs as well as phone support from technical experts. Businesses receive expedited responses to service calls, often within the next business day or even within a four-hour window. Kodak Care Kits include a unique serial number for identifying specific service and support coverage, easy to follow registration instructions, contact information for service representatives and terms and conditions.

Kodak Care Kits for Canon, Fujitsu, and Panasonic Scanners include travel, labor, parts and unlimited service calls. An additional option for Fujitsu Scanners also provides user training and consumables.