Instant photos for European healthcare workers

Instant photos for European healthcare workers

Employees in medical practices and hospitals who care for patients with the corona virus must wear personal protective equipment, which in many cases only leaves their eyes visible. Because this can be scary, intimidating, and confusing for patients, it’s good if they get a picture the face ibehind the mask. Since this can be easily achieved with instant photos, Fujifilm Europe supports medical staff in European countries with free instax instant cameras and films.

So doctors or nurses can quickly take an instant picture and attach it to their hospital gowns.

“The donation of instax cameras and instant film is of course only a small ting that Fujifilm can do to help,” said Hiromoto Matsushima, Senior Vice President Photo Imaging at Fujifilm Europe. “But we were able to learn that simply showing the friendly face hidden behind the personal protective equipment can help build confidence and understanding in difficult situations, which is helpful for both healthcare workers and patients.”

The instant cameras and films donated to date were primarily awarded to health teams working in intensive care units in the center of the coronavirus pandemic. To date, approximately 120 instax instant cameras and 7500 instax instant photos have been sent to hospitals in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Russia, France and Denmark.

Every Fujifilm company in Europe has a limited number of these packages available. Health teams can contact their local corporate communications representative at Fujifilm if they are interested.