Imaging Solutions Relies on Photo Paper also for Value Added Photo Products

The worldwide de facto standard established by the Swiss company with its high-speed printer fastPrint for the highly efficient production of digital photos on real photo paper, is now enhanced with the PURUS concept. Central laboratories, online service providers, minilab chains, greeting card manufacturers etc. may now add new print products within the existing production workflow.

"The quality of prints on real photo paper is still unbeatable", emphasizes Imaging Solutions’ CEO Rainer Bauer. "This is also true for shots taken with digital cameras. With our high-speed systems, we have enabled our customers to produce digital images and pictures from films at a high productivity and have thus become the market leader worldwide. With our PURUS concept, we are now responding to the market of new customized print products that have resulted from digital technology. The demand for photo books, photo calendars, post and greeting cards is growing rapidly. Our customers can profit from this in particular by producing these print products highly efficiently in a real purePhoto quality, without having to implement new workflows. This is exactly what our PURUS components can offer."

Imaging Solutions’ new wide format printer widePrint allows, for example, the exposure of digital image files in a true A4 format of 21.0 x 29.7 cm (8.3" x 11.7") at a capacity of 6’000 prints per hour, or 12’000 prints per hour in the format 10 x 15 cm (4" x 6"). This corresponds to a paper speed of 30.5 meters per minute. Here, not only single images, but also whole photo book and calendar pages with multiple photos and text can be exposed. Just like the high-speed printer fastPrint from Imaging Solutions, the printer widePrint uses the Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology from Texas Instruments where the light is focused on the paper by means of 2.2 million micromirrors. In this process, the same high resolution of 300 ppi and a colour depth of 11 bits per colour are obtained for all print formats.

ICC Color Management and the automatic image enhance-ment with the worldwide leading "Enhance" Software from Solutions provide true photo quality also for value added photo products.

Imaging Solutions customers can highlight this photo quality by using the purePhoto label which has been created by the company to represent the PURUS concept for the production of digital images and print products on real photo paper.