HP Indigo technology at NovaConcept Schorsch

NovaConcept Schorsch, founded in 1933, is a privately held company with 75 employees. An HP Indigo customer since 2000, the company specialises in the digital production of manuals, technical documentation, photobooks and calendars. For Siemens Healthcare, NovaConcept Schorsch maintains 4,000 document templates for daily on-demand printing.

"HP Indigo technology is vital for our production," said Thomas Schröder, director, management systems. "With the Siemens work, we often only have six hours between receiving the order and delivering the end product. Thank to our HP Indigo presses, we can work to such tight deadlines. We are convinced that the HP Indigo presses have no equals and without them we could not produce such high quality in such a short period.