HP creates spanish language online consumer support community

A new Spanish language peer-to-peer online support forum allows members to connect with one another to exchange insights and tips and to get answers to each other’s questions regarding their HP consumer products. The updated HP Customer Care website makes it easier for more than 20 million monthly visitors to find the information they need to solve issues. The new and updated programs reflect changes in how HP customers are sharing information and communicating online. According to Forrester Research, more than 75 percent of online Hispanic adults take part in online social media.

Leading these online support programs is the newly designed consumer support forum where Spanish-speaking community members can share ideas, ask questions and help other members find solutions. The forum is divided into different categories based on broad topics such as operating systems or wireless networking for notebooks.

Community members can personalize their HP experiences by tagging or bookmarking key boards, threads and messages, or by adding RSS feeds to keep track of new posts on key topics.

Since its launch in November 2008, the English language version of the HP consumer support forum has had more than 17 million page views, 28,000 registered users, 42,000 posts and recorded more than 1.25 million searches.

HP plans to add additional components to the consumer support forum over the next several months, including online seminars with moderated questions and answers. HP will be monitoring the forum to help identify common support issues and gain customer feedback and insights. If customers can’t find solutions to their problems, assistance is available directly from HP. The HP consumer support forum is also available worldwide in English and will be rolling out in additional languages in the future.