Holiday photos above and below the water: EXILIM presents two new underwater housings

Both are compatible with each of the two EXILIM digital camera models from the current and new line-up. The EWC-60 was planned to go with the EXILIM CARD models EX-S600 and EX-S500 and the EWC-70 with the EXILIM Zoom models EX-Z600 and EX-Z500. The transparent housings are ideal companions to exciting snorkel and diving tours. High-quality materials as well as compact workmanship enable divers to use the cameras up to a depth of 40 meters. The protective properties of the underwater housing are also convincing on land. They keep away outside influences like splash water, dust or dirt from the cameras and provide certain transparency and unforgettable holiday photos.

Both models are available at retail since April 2006. A flash diffuser, strap, silicon paste as well as an anti-condensation kit are included in the delivery package.