High resolution camera phone owners take more pictures

There is a positive correlation between the resolution in megapixels of the camera phone and the number of pictures taken in 2008. Excluding outliers, those using 3-megapixel or more camera phones took 38 pictures in 2008 and this number falls to 31 pictures for those with 2-megapixel models, on average. Owners of 1-megapixel camera phones took an average of 25 pictures while those owning models with less than 1 megapixel took only 18 pictures. Not surprisingly, those with higher resolution camera phones also printed more pictures than lower resolution owners. On average, owners of camera phones with 3 or more megapixels of resolution printed 28 pictures in 2008. This falls to 18 pictures for those owning 2-megapixel or 1-megapixel models. Owners of camera phones with less than 1 megapixel of resolution only printed 8 photos in 2008.