Hewlett-Packard Company to cease investment in photofinishing systems

According to a company spokesperson, HP is not terminating its relationship with Phogenix, a joint venture with Eastman Kodak Company, that develops and markets digital inkjet minilabs, and continues to own a 50 percent interest in the company. In addition, HP supplies inkjet technology to Phogenix and is investigating whether to distribute the company’s DFX equipment and supplies. “HP believes on-site digital photo processing at retail locations will remain an important part of the consumer imaging experience. Inkjet is a very viable technology for photofinishing”, the spokesperson pointed out.

HP’s Indigo/LEP technology for wholesale photofinishing has also been strongly accepted by potential customers, according to the company. With the recent decision, the company is focusing its investment on the opportunities that offer the highest possible return and where HP can deliver the greatest custumer value.