Hensel Softboxes

The design was further enhanced, both technically and mechanically. The following features are particularly remarkable:

The back of the softboxes is now made from aluminium casting, which means they are smaller, lighter and more stable. The connector ring is made from chromed steel!

The softboxes’ spring steel columns are also lighter and somewhat more elastic than their predecessors.

Overall, the new backs together with the new columns make for a considerably easier and quicker assembly of the boxes.

Also, years of accumulated experience were applied systematically to the fabric coverings. The material itself became somewhat denser and also thicker. Therefore, the result is greater mechanical stability with even greater opacity.

In addition, the surface of the silver-coloured inner coating of the black/silver outer fabric was optimised. In combination with the various inner and outer diffusers, this surface always provides optimal illumination.

The materials used for these softboxes are manufactured in accordance with the strictest quality standards and are subject to only minimal tolerances.

All of the components of these softboxes can also be obtained as separate replacement parts and, as such, are guaranteed for years. This makes for a secure investment and builds confidence.

It is important that the diffusers as well as the black/silver outer coverings of the boxes continue to be of the same consistently high quality to ensure that the optimal illumination and colour temperature of the whole range of softboxes are as durable as possible. On the fabric components there are now labels with indication of size which make it possible to identify them more easily at any time. Depending on the size, various accessories, such as honeycombs, louvers and strip masks are available. All softboxes are supplied with a storage bag.