HENSEL radio trigger "Strobe Wizard Plus"

It is still available in two versions: Either built-in to the device, such as in the case of the EXPERT Pro Plus, the Porty Premium Plus and the Pro Mini generators or as a stand-alone system with a separate plug-in receiver.

The models with integrated receivers offer not only the possibility of radio-controlled triggering but also the option of power adjustment in 1/10 f-stop increments. Even the modelling light can be switched on and off by radio control.

In parallel, a useful external receiver is available for the upgrade of virtually all models. The receiver, which is simply plugged into the sync socket, facilitates the reliable radio triggering of virtually all flash devices. Adapter cables are available for other manufacturers’ products.

The technical characteristics of both systems are identical. In total, there are 3 different channels as well as an all-channel function, by means of which all devices can be triggered simultaneously.

Channel selection is accomplished clearly and quickly by means of a sliding switch on the side.

In each case, sync times of up to 1/250 s are possible.

With only 3 V of voltage, the transmitter offers unquestionably the safest mode of operation for all digital cameras. It connects either to the direct X-contact of the camera or – by means of the sync cable provided – to the sync socket.

The transmitter itself is active only at the moment it is triggered, which means that current is flowing only at that moment. The receiver will recognise by means of the sync voltage whether the device to which it is connected is ready for operation or not. Thus it is always switched on or off automatically. Energy consumption is thus minimised.