HENSEL Pro Mini 1200 AS generator with dedicated new flash head range

HENSEL has never had such a small generator with 4 connectors or such small heads with so much power!

Overall, an independent generator/head design with many practical features was created.

With measurements of only 17,6 x 21,3 x 25 cm (LxWxH), the generator provides symmetric or asymmetric power distribution, Multivoltage (80 – 250 Volt) load switching and radio remote control in addition to the usual HENSEL features.

Asymmetric control creates great creative room in light direction and the use of several flash heads on a single generator.

Capacitor circuits ensure quick flash durations and a very stable colour temperature over the whole control range of the generator. In conjunction with high performance electronics, this allows for a much greater power range of 37,5 J to 1200 J, adjusted in 1/10 f-stop increments.

A further highlight of this range is its fast, 4-channel radio-control triggering. 3 adjustable channels, an all-channel function, modelling light control and power adjustment provide comfort in the studio with sync times of up to 1/250 s.

The even more powerful Pro Mini 2400 generator is expected in early 2007.

Hardly bigger than a beverage can, the EH Pro Mini heads are impressive in their features and power! An important novelty: The flash cables are no longer mounted to the head but can be unscrewed. This provides 3 essential advantages:

The pack size is reduced, making the flash head both lighter and easier to stow. The separate cable is easier to roll up and the user can choose the required cable length in advance.

The flash head itself is extremely compact and therefore easy to carry and to install unobtrusively.

Although everything is more compact, one thing has remained the same. The whole range of accessories with a connector diameter of 10 cm from the EH, EHT, EXPERT and EXPERT Pro ranges is still compatible.

The flash heads are available in Pro Mini (up to 3000 J) with a modelling light of up to 650 W and as a Pro Mini 1200 P (Porty) with maximum 100 W modelling light.