Hensel Porty Premium PLUS

This button is the key to using the revised radio remote control system.

The new Porty Premium PLUS with an integrated radio receiver offers not only the possibility of radio-controlled triggering but also provides the option of power adjustment in 1/10 f-stop increments. Even the modelling light can be switched on and off remotely.

The channel can be easily selected by using the RC/CH button on the operator panel.

In total, there are 3 different channels available on the device.

On the receiver, the channel is selected by means of a sliding switch on the side. There, you can also select an additional all-channel function, by means of which several devices can be controlled simultaneously.

Sync times of up to 1/250 s are available.

Thanks to the receiver’s low 3 V voltage, this system offers unquestionably the safest mode of operation, particularly in conjunction with digital cameras. It can connect either to the camera’s direct X-contact or, using the sync cable provided, to the camera’s sync socket.

The Porty’s radio antenna is now screwed on and can be easily removed or replaced by the user if needed. Another advantage of this technology: When working over great distances, a special longer antenna with considerably increased sensitivity (accessory) can be used.

In response to the wishes of many of our customers, the previous sync socket was replaced by a standard sync socket with a diameter of

6.3 mm. Thus all standard sync cables can be connected. The socket is protected against water drops by means of a seal plug.