HENSEL Flash Heads EH Pro Mini and EH Pro Mini 1200 P (Porty)

In typical HENSEL fashion, the units are protected by a stable metal structure. An innovation in the new range: The flash cables are no longer mounted to the head but can be unscrewed. This provides 3 particular advantages: The pack size is reduced, thus the flash head is lighter and easier to stow. The separate cable is easier to roll up and the user can choose the required cable length in advance. Cables are available in lengths of 5, 7 and 10 m. Of course, customised lengths are also available.

The flash head itself is extremely compact and therefore easy to carry and to install unobtrusively.

The EH Pro Mini (up to 3000 J) is equipped with a modelling light of up to 650 W, a high-performance fan and a modelling light switch on the head.

The modelling lamp of the EH Pro Mini 1200 P provides up to 100 W. Alternatively, permanent or timed (15 s) operation can be pre-selected for the modelling light by means of a switch on the head.

The EH Pro Mini head can be used with Pro Mini generators as well as with HENSEL Porty generators. There are appropriate cable available for use with other generators.

With all of these innovations, one thing has remained the same: All accessories with a connector diameter of 10 cm from the EH, EHT, Contra, EXPERT and EXPERT Pro ranges are still compatible. Thus a bridge has been built between the newest flash head technology and a range of accessories which has been in existence for 25 years.