Hama fun assortment for Inkjet printers

Computer designers can now use their full creativity.

Do-it-yourself printable mousemats, self-adhesive removable textile buttons which can serve as funny name shields or Inkjet transfer foils for decorating china, ceramics, glass or metal are only a small selection of the new printing media that is suitable for most inkjet color printers.

With flexible flock fabric, a new transfer foil, colored or even black textiles can be improved with your own designs. The DIY-puzzle is certainly a fun present for children and adults alike.

Open up your own tattoo studio! Those who do not want to live with this new body cult forever but do like tattoos will find the perfect solution at Hama. An extremely thin foil is printed which, by using a dermatologically tested skin glue, is resistant to moisture but can be removed with normal skin cleaners at any time.