Gepe Card Safe: Ideal Protection for digital memory cards

With its Card Safe product range, Gepe has developed the ideal tool to transport, store and protect these cards. All popular memory cards (such as SD cards, Memory Stick or Compact Flash) have a secure place in the Card Safes.

The Card Safe product family consists of five different models, including: Mini, Basic Slim, Basic Duo, Basic and Extreme. All Basic models are made of durable plastic material and are available in three colours: onyx, ice blue and in trendy mandarin. The Mini and Extreme models are made of crushproof polycarbonate and are available in four colours: onyx, ice blue, neon and rosso.

Inside all safes, the multi card insert allows storage of different formats of memory cards in one box. Through the safe’s windows, users can see at a glance which compartment is filled with which cards. According to the user’s needs, the Card Safes are designed differently. All safes protect against dust, humidity and shock whereby a safe closure is guaranteed. A special antistatic material protects cards from being erased or damaged due to electrostatic effects. Dropped into water while doing water sports, the Card Safes will float to the surface and can easily be picked up.

The Card Safe Basic line:

Basic Slim, Basic Duo and Basic are the safes for every day and every use. The Basic Slim and Mini’s slender design makes them nearly invisible in a pocket or a camera bag. The Basic Slim and Basic Duo have two multi card compartments and the Basic has four multi card compartments for all popular memory cards (such as SD cards, Memory Stick or Compact Flash).

The Card Safe Mini:

The Card Safe Mini is designed for the smaller formats of memory cards (such as SD , miniSD, MemoryStick DUO or xD cards). This makes it the ideal accessory for any compact camera, organizer or mobile phone. The Mini with its unique design has three multi card compartments for small format memory cards. The compact Mini fits into the shirt pocket as well as into any small pouch.

The Card Safe Extreme:

For the professional user Gepe offers the Card Safe Extreme. In addition to the features of the other safes, the Extreme is crushproof and waterproof according to the IPX-7 waterproof specification. The big lock and the reinforced hinge with stainless steel pins are designed for extreme conditions and long lasting operation. The Extreme has four multi card compartments for all popular memory cards (such as SD cards, Memory Stick or Compact Flash). With the connector, the Card Safe Extreme can be fastened to a strap and secured. Therefore, it goes everywhere with its owner – be it an adventure trip to the desert, a mountain climb or a shooting on the ocean with its pervasive salt spray.

The price range of the Gepe Card Safe models is between 7,95 € and 19,95 € (suggested retail price).

About Gepe:

For more than 50 years, the Gepe Group has been an active player in the photo market. Now, 16 sales and production companies represent Gepe in 7 countries. Among other business areas Gepe is the world’s biggest supplier of plastic slide mounts, distributing them via exclusive partners in 47 countries.

Introducing the Card Safe product range, Gepe meets the demands of the growing market for memory cards. The safes allow users to store, secure and organize all kinds of digital memory cards. This makes them the ideal accessory for cameras and mobile multimedia devices such as PDAs , mobile phones or portable navigators.