Garners Graphic Design USA Award with Beyond 360 Imaging Technology

Beyond 360 Imaging Executive Vice President Mark Geeves commented: “An early adopter of the exciting Beyond 360 Imaging technology, Intersection Online, Inc. took full advantage of our ability to show products from every angle. On their award-winning website design (, visitors may rotate the view of wheels, stopping the rotation as desired. The Beyond 360 Imaging effect—using one image area with a 360° view rather than multiple images at different angles— frees up space in which creatives can execute other designs. The images may be viewed on any computer, with no downloads required.”

Allison Duine, Intersection Online, Inc. President, offered the following assessment of her experience with Beyond 360 Imaging technology: “We found Beyond 360 Imaging incredibly easy to use, yet it provides effects unattainable even with software that is far more expensive and much more difficult to implement. The Beyond 360 Imaging technology serves up images extremely quickly and does not require downloading any plug-ins, so our client’s site receives excellent ratings from online customers.”