Fujifilm underlines its commitment to print and picture market

“We will continue to invest in this segment,” said Masahiro Kosaka, President of Fujifilm Europe GmbH. “This will not only include the introduction of new Frontier models, but also the integration of different output devices and technologies into one system. In addition to solutions for retail environments, the photofinishing business via the Internet and the centralized production in our photofinishing plants will remain a central component of our business.”

“After Frontier has become a defacto standard for print quality and ease of handling, we will use our core technologies to develop further innovative solutions for the trade,” Kosaka continued. “While we will further extend our Frontier system, we will also offer additional printing solutions that will achieve a comparable quality with different technologies by means of our Image Intelligence Software. Fulfillment of a wide range of print formats and customized picture products can be easily organized by means of our workflow management software.” Fujifilm already offers a wide range of photofinishing and printing products, including the Frontier digital minilabs, kiosk systems as well as inkjet and thermal sublimation media for professional and home applications.