Fujifilm scoops three TIPA Awards

Adrian Clarke, Fujifilm’s Director of Digital Products, commented: "The TIPA awards are the most coveted photo and imaging awards in the European calendar. We’re delighted that TIPA have recognised the significance of the launch of the FinePix F200EXR, bringing to the marketplace one of the most advanced digital compact cameras to date; and taking camera technology and image quality to a whole new level."

Remarking on why Fujifilm’s Super CCD EXR won Best Imaging Innovation, judges said: "The EXR sensor is essentially a combination of the known HR and SR technology, allowing the sensor to change its ‘behaviour’ depending on the subject. This moves the Super CCD technology to the next level. A new arrangement of the mosaic colour filter helps to create a high sensitivity image sensor with little noise. A new technology called Close Pixel Coupling helps to minimise false colours."

The "Photo Book Brilliant" which was presented at Photokina 2008 is produced on real photo paper, namely Fujicolor Crystal Archive Album Paper, which has been developed and manufactured by Fujifilm for just this purpose. TIPA judges commented that Fujifilm’s award for Best Photo Service was due to: "Unlike digital press machines, the Fujifilm Photobook Brilliant workflow is entirely RGB-based, and can therefore produce a much larger colour space than other print processes. That means finer gradients, natural skin tones and saturated colours, particularly in the green and blue areas. In addition, photo paper is extremely durable, resulting in photo books of the highest quality."