Fujifilm President and CEO Shigetaka Komori named PMDA "Person of the Year"

In his acceptance speech, Komori addressed the crowd about the challenges that the industry has endured and re-affirmed Fujifilm’s commitment to photo imaging and its own ongoing transformation through research and development and strategic acquisitions.

“Since our industry began we have all overcome numerous changes and challenges. We have faced up to the ongoing wave of digital technology with firm resolve and embraced it. I believe this will be an advantage for us now,” said Komori. “We take and make pictures and we sell products that enhance people’s enjoyment of them. In times of difficulty, pictures matter even more. They add meaning to our lives. They record our days and celebrate the people and places we love. Photographs express the precious moments of life – joy, sorrow, love – that are common to all human beings.”

Komori discussed the common goals of the industry, specifically to develop new products and innovative ideas that will help the photo imaging business take full advantage of photography and technology trends. He highlighted the industry’s history of success in doing this, remarking on the recent milestone of Fujifilm’s own 75th anniversary this year, expressing how its long history was a testament to how dedication to innovation, and embracing change, can be a point of unmatched strength.

Sharing his personal experiences and those of Fujifilm, Komori illustrated how the company and photo imaging industry as a whole have learned valuable lessons from the difficult times of earlier years. Those challenges have forced Fujifilm to observe, understand and act to overcome the problems and uncover new opportunities. Komori cited the efforts of Fujifilm employees to leverage the capabilities acquired as a film company into expanded business opportunities. Fujifilm has transformed itself by strengthening R&D and acquisition, and by applying core fine chemistry and other film technologies to new markets.

“Our success has made it possible for us to continue to innovate and invest in new products and services for our retail, commercial and professional photo imaging customers,” he said. “Change will come and go in technology and market demands,” Komori noted. “But we know that our industry is here to stay, and Fujifilm will remain committed to the culture of photography and continue to devote resources to expanding the world of imaging.”

Fujifilm is continuing to demonstrate its steadfast commitment to the market with a strong research and development program devoted to improving every aspect of photo capture and output. A number of Fujifilm’s exhibits at last week’s PMA Show in Las Vegas, NV, will illustrate this commitment including a digital camera that offers Fujifilm’s advanced EXR image sensor technology, a revolutionary leap forward in managing light to increase resolution, sensitivity and dynamic range. Fujifilm also will display its newly developed unique 3D photography experience based on the combination of the company’s advanced processor technology with Fujinon lenses.