Fujifilm presents new CCD technology

The new technology, which has been developed by Fujifilm subsidiary Fujifilm Microdevices Co. Ltd., focuses on a well-known dilemma in the development of CCD Chips. With conventional CCDs, which have square image sensors and pixel arrangements, increased resolution achieved by a larger number of smaller pixels, results in less sensitivity as well as a smaller dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio. Fujifilm‘s new Super CCD features octagonal shaped photo diodes which can be packed in higher density without these negative effects. This honeycomb pattern increases sensitivity, improves the signal-to-noise ratio and offers a wider dynamic range, enabling the design of higher resolution CCDs or CCDs which achieve the performance of conventional products with a smaller number of pixels. According to the company, Fujifilm‘s Super CCD technology can lead to new products such as ultra-compact digital cameras with zoom lens, high speed professional cameras or products that can capture both full motion video with digital camcorder quality and megapixel still images. A company spokesperson did not rule out the possibility that the technology will be licensed to other manufacturers, but pointed out that initially the production capacity will be used for Fujifilm‘s own products. The first cameras featuring the new technology are expected in the first half of next year.