Fujifilm posts annual report

Fujifilm‘s result was affected by the worldwide economic slowdown due to surging crude oil prices in the second half of the year, unfavorable economic conditions in Europe and continuing weak demand on the domestic market. Domestic sales were down 1.8 percent to Yen 1,312 billion (Euro 9.72 billion), while overseas revenues decreased 1.2 percent to Yen 1,215.5 billion (Euro 9.0 billion). Sales in Europe declined 6.9 percent to Yen 349.9 billion (Euro 2.6 billion).

Fujifilm‘s imaging solutions business recorded consolidated sales of Yen 743.0 billion (Euro 5.5 billion), down 8.9 percent from last year, mainly due to the appreciation of the Yen against the US-$, the worldwide decline of film sales and the tough price competition in the digital camera market. The operating result turned from Yen 43.5 billion (Euro 322 million) to a loss of Yen 7.1 billion (Euro 53 million). On the positive side, Fujifilm reported a large increase in the digital print segment and the successful introduction of new digital minilabs and recent digital camera models.